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    • Mod Uploaded

      Bjorgaskir 1.0.0 Released

      Adds Bjorgaskir...

    • Ravvyn's Favorite Delirium Character Build

      "The Nerd-Zerker"

      Level: 50
      Difficulty Played: Very Hard
      Build Difficulty: Moderate to Easy (progression)
      DLC Needed: All (Because Delirium requires all)
      Mods Recommended:
      AWKCR (Mandatory as a master file for Delirium)
      Delirium (Shameless Self-Plug)
      Advanced needs (turn off radiation sickness in MCM though!)

      SPECIAL Stats:
      S: (5)
      P: (1)
      E: (7)
      C: (3)
      I: (8)
      A: (2)
      L: (2)

      Special Book: Intelligence

      Wasteland Survival Guide #1 (Wreck of the USS Riptide; Heal 50% more from fruits and vegetables)
      Wasteland Survival Guide #3 (Egret Tours Marina; heal 50% more from irradiated packaged food)
      Wasteland Survival Guid...

    • Ravvyn's Load Order

      # Automatically generated by Vortex
      *Unofficial Fallout 4 Patch.esp
      *CWSS Redux.esp
      *SwitchboxGenerator 30-AllRad.esp
      *The Lucky Omnibus of Knowledge.esp
      *America Rising - A Tale of the Enclave.esp

    • The ReShade section of CCW is out

      The first part of a continuous WIP mod for NV, my ReShade preset should spice up your New Vegas experience....

    • Portrait yangloup

      Two news portrait for a new party !! ...

    • We have uploaded a version in which only the text is in English.

      Please check it as it has been added to the Main files.


    • The strength of Potema .

      We aimed for the same strength as  Miraak .Potema uses shouts.

      Potema itself is treated as a zombie, so it cannot be recovered by recovery magic.

      Level :Min50-->Max150
      Her tolerance
      Physics 30
      Magic    30
      Cold air 75
      Flame  -50

      Armsman 40
      Savage Strike

      Augmented Shock 60
      Expert Conjuration
      Summoner 70
      Dark Souls
      Wolf queen  <--Remodeling perk Up to 10 can be summoned at the same time.

      Wall of Storms

      Blessing of Talos
      Shrine of Akatosh
      Undead army  <--Remodeling Spell Call a lot of zombies. Very high priority magic...

    • Skeletonizer 2.0 Progress

      Well, I'm glad to see this mod had such a positive reception thus far! Thanks everyone for your kind comments.

      Ever since I first posted this mod, I've been on-and-off working on the more "improved" version of this mod, one that better fits my personal "vision". Right now I've tackled getting human enemies to "freeze" in place shortly before collapsing to the ground, the end result being both very cool and very funny to witness. Big thanks to nexus user Asterra for showing me a couple scripting tricks needed to make this happen!

      In addition to that, I've also been tooling around with the actual particle effects that occur during skeletonization. They look okay as-is, but I want to make it look more like their bodies are actually dissolving away to bones rather than...

    • Delirium - Changelogs

      Hey guys, Ravvyn here,
      If you had the chance to peek at the "archives" location, you may have noticed something. Originally, this mod was going to be called "Rechambering the Commonwealth Vol. 2". However, part way into the project, I decided a good name rebranding was in order. As such, those of you that like to dig into files with tools like the creation kit or xedit, you'll notice that a lot of the unique content of the mod will still share the RTC_ tags on items. This is completely normal, and I didn't have it in me to try breaking from muscle memory just to change the mod identifiers.

      Here-on out, Delirium is the name we will go by. Thanks for stopping by!...

    • What's changed from Vanilla

      What's changed from Vanilla?
      Requires all paid DLC
      Modding Requirements;
      (AWKCR) found here: https://www.nexusmods.com/fallout4/mods/6091
      Delirium MUST be loaded last in your order, 
      or else it WILL break your game, no exceptions!
      This was found by aggressive testing, 
      Delirium will prevent leaving your cryopod if it is not last in load order!
      Version 1.0
      *Fixed Several Bugs in Vanilla!
      Game Setting Tw...

    • Play RDR Reliably on a Laptop

      PM me with any questions or concerns. Confirmed working on my Dell laptop with a shitty graphics card, and both legitimate and pirated copies....

    • Current Progress and Future Plans

      This article details all of my current progress for unreleased modules and 
      I will update this article whenever I think about it. It's typically up-to-date, but no guarantees.

      Current Progress
      Sorted by priority & development interest

      Courier Counterspell
      Progress: Tested - Ready to Publish
      Uses a script to disable World Interaction events (aka Random Encounters) when at Clockwork Castle, which mostly fixes the courier issue. No more monomaniacal correspondence-wizard. Rain or shine, GET OFF MY LAWN!

      Marked Shadows - Castle Exterior
      Progress: Tested - Ready to Publish
      Adds a "Guild Member" Shadowmark beside Clockwork Castle's front door. Only appears after the player is a member of the Thieves Guild (duh) and h...

    • Taxonomy of Lycanthropic Disease

      Taxonomy of Lycanthropic Disease
      A study on the dichotomy between Sanies Lupinus and Canis Hysteria.

      by Marcus Alvinus, Imperial Scholar

      It is well known that there are many strains of lycanthropic disease (see Karessen, On Lycanthropy). This discussion will center on the werewolf, the most widespread and widely-known lycanthrope, though it will be applicable to all strains of lycanthropic diseases.

      Due to several high-profile cases in the late Third and early Fourth Eras and a series of studies by renowned healers, Sanies Lupinus is well-known and commonly believed to be responsible for all cases of lycanthropy. In reality, however, Sanies Lupinus is not the only variant that can create a werewolf.

      There are two main variants of the ...

    • My DarkBrotherhood Npcs Extended

      My Darkbrotherhood npcs extended adds 6 new npcs to the guild but i added 3 but these seem to be missing and i cannot figure out a way to get them to appear just yet i will update the mod if i can figure this out....

    • Release

      The mod has been released!

      Also, some of the files haven't been scanned, yet. Don't know what's the deal with that. Hopefully it will be scanned by the time you try to download it.

      Update: They have all been scanned...

    • Bifrost Portal

      Simple but funny Mod from Portal Structure......

    • Suggestions

      This is the place for suggestions....

    • General Discussion

      General discussion about the overhaul.
      If you have any issues please do not post them here but in the dedicated article for issues.
      If you have any suggestions please do not post them here but in the dedicated article for suggestions....

    • Issues

      If you run into any issues please post them here and I will try and find a solution....

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