Darkest Dungeon
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News & Updates

  • Special Thanks

    "Finding the stuff is only the first test. Now it must be carried home."

    Thank you for taking the time and effort to support my modpack! It all goes to upgrading my computer to prepare it for the days to come. No matter what value, no matter what form, any support you send will always mean a lot to me for it simply shows that you like something I created. Once again I and my computer give you thanks!

    First Donation Ever
    Keino Somers (NewBoss12)


  • Request Mods Here

    Please comment on your requests below in order for me to know what mods you would like me to add to this modpack.


  • Trinkets introduction and ability

    Glory Seal

    +100% MAX HP

    Immune for Receive Healing (all heal received are invalid)

    Be cursed (you should equip it in the town)

     This ugly and unremarkable badge was appear in the war with brigand,
     Ancestors called it "proud proof of hero being", and awarded to all the powerful mercenaries.
     And now.. their bodies became the glory of Collector.

    drop by collector, mix limit 8


    Brother Hood

    +9 ACC When Guarding

  • Hero Class Changes and Expectations

    Juwo Heroes Class Pack 1.1 (v1.2.1

    1    *Abomination Rebalanced (Statboosted) (has better heal and stress heal, rebalance bug fixed since 1.2.0 ,Rake skill bug fixed since 1.2.1)

    2    *Acolyte of the Sun Rebalanced (Statboosted)

    3    *Antiquarian Rebalanced (Statboosted)

    4    *Arbalest Rebalanced (Statboosted)

    5    *Beastmaster Rebalanced (Statboosted)

    6    *Bogatyr Rebalanced (Statboosted)

    7    *Bounty Hunter Rebalanced (Statboosted) (When you need damage and want more accuracy than what a LEPER has to offer, this is your guy)

    8    *Cataphract Rebalanced (Statboosted)

    9    *Crusader Reworked (Statboosted) (zealous_accusation increased in ran...

  • About Me

    Hi, my name is Juro.

    First of all, I just wanna say that this is not my work, I didn't create any of the content inside this modpack, they were created by more advanced authors and modders out there. I merely combined them all to create my own feel of the game. Without them, this modpack won't exist. So be sure to check them out when you got the time and be sure to support their work.

    It all started when was reviewing for my board exam when this game came out. I heard it was hard, like really hard. So I tried it out, and it was an amazing game. My friends would enjoy seeing me play it and also raging when my heroes die.

    Until one day I found out that Darkest Dungeon supports mods. This was way back in 2018. Mods made the game better, and unique. New stuf...

  • Darkest Dungeon Plague Doctor - A Slime Doctor Skin

    Slime Doctor Video

    A Plague Doctor complete skin called Slime Doctor by BoopBopTV.

    ------------- Description -------------
    Its a simple plague doctor skin with no skeleton changes.
    Legs/body are transparent and glow neon green in game.
    This a complete skin re-skin with avatar, animations, virtues etc.
    My first skin ever.
    After 700 hours in Darkest Dungeon, I wanted to give back to the community.

    ------------- Lore -------------
    After facing banishment from her "disagreeable" academic pursuits, this plague doctor secluded herself within her own darkened laboratory, lost and delirious in her pursuit of knowledge seeking delusions.

    The ever swelling eldritch power surrounding the hamlet combi...

  • Short

    Short. This mod is made for playing with an anime arbalest.

    Коротко о моде. Мод основан не на моём моде но я хотел разнообразить его сделав больше цветов волос и глаз....

  • Toilet Paper

    Changes gems and gold into toilet paper (includes tutorial screen)...


    Porn flagellant Khorne skin...

  • Low Quality Abomination skin

    is a low quality abomination skin...

  • District

    District for Clobber and others...

  • Tentacle suffer Skin for occultist

    Added tentacle elements may not be suitable for everyone, please browse as appropriate.occultist have new suffer and virtue....

  • leper maid outfit skin

    leper maid outfit skin...

  • Guts skins for the Fool class

    A few skins of Guts from the popular manga Berserk. It comes in three variations, Helmetless, Full Skull armor, and Berserk Hound set. The Fool class is one of my favorite mods for Darkest Dungeon so I thought I should share what I have with you all. If enough of you guys endorse, I'll consider uploading more Berserk skins on the Nexus for you guys. I hope this mod brightens your day!...

  • Version 0.9

    Version 0.9 is available. Just a few more tests and I believe the final version will be released.
    Lore was added to the character and the equipment names changed too. The character suffered a nerf in his skill Cutting edge and riposte as an attempt to leave it more balanced during the fights.
    New lines were added during the stress and virtue phases.
    A new exhausting effect has also been added.
    if the nerf were too heavy I'll post a hotfix to fix them.
    Thanks for downloading my class and good game....

  • Darkest Desire

    Darkest Desires adds a whole new suite of camping skills for the lusty adventurer. Buffs, healing and a good ol' bit of stress relief....

  • Accept any bug report


    Accept any bug report...

  • First version disaster

    Hello. Everyone who downloaded the mod on 1st of Feb must've been surprised by huge white blocks in place of their character upon selection of the new skin. This is entirely my fault, I screwed up the way the folder should look like and forgot to include one important file into it - the roster image.

    I've fixed the issue and reuploaded the file as version 1.1, so if you downloaded prior to this post - please delete the old "Cultist_S" folder and use the new one instead.

    I'm very sorry for the inconvenience!...

  • Courtesan - Rework

    Courtesan - Rework
    ====================================“You owe me two coins for that”She walks the nigh street, like a saint, seeking not for comfort, but to comfort others.  While her motivations, that lust of shimmering gold, are simple, the skills of her trades, are not.Role:The Courtesan can be an offensive backline character, part-time support with offensive abilities, or a full-time support.
    She is a strong stress healer. All her support abilities reduce torchlight and can debuff the courtesan as an additional cost.
    Her best postion is 3, in backline, but you can build her to fit almost every position. ====================================Design Note:
    Please be gentle with her....====================================Skills: