Neverwinter Nights
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  • Tomb of the evil nasher clones

    Oh No
    some evil dragon has created bunch of angry lord nasher clone, you need to stop that evil dragon before...err eeeebil nasher clones takes over the world........

  • July Anarchy Prologue updated!

    July Anarchy Prologue REMIX edition has just been updated to v1.32!

    Among many tweaks, this update focuses on tightening the gameplay concepts introduced in the REMIX relaunch. Command Zones now display their remaining health when being captured, and the test battle at the end of the tutorial now has AI behaving as they should, to name a few major adjustments. A full changelog follows.

    Version 1.3.2

        "Attack" cutscene has been completely redone.
        Command Zones now display their remaining health in a percentage every round.
        Human military units are slightly weaker and more specialized (snipers are more accurate, grenadiers carry more grenades, etc.)

  • July Anarchy Prologue REMIX now in beta!

    August 12th, 2085
    A full week gone and nothing.
    I was excited when we took this job. I wanted to see a dragon for real. I wanted to reach right into the sky and drag one to the ground.
    Only a handful of Nomads have ever slain a dragon, and I would have had
    the chance to join that rank.
    The op ends tomorrow. I'm already getting my bags packed. Maybe the dragons were a hoax created by some politicians to gain support for
    their pricey defense plans. Either way, they didn't need to waste
    OutRapture's time on this little scheme.
    It's late. I think I'll give coffee a try. I'm too bored to sleep now.
    I wish Serene was here...
    -Journal of Alex Meda
    Recovered after the Battl...

  • July Anarchy Prologue 1.2.1 Released!

    The first update leading up to version 1.3, this build contains a completely reworked ending, a new challenging and epic boss fight, new soundtrack, much better cutscenes, a complete change in the timeframe from the 26th to 22nd Century, and many more adjustments and fixes!

    This is the first update to July Anarchy Prologue since 2011. For those of you who have been holding out, now's the time to jump in!


    -New music by Gemini Syndrome, Primer 55, Dope, One Way Mirror and Media Lab
    -New tertiary objective concerning Nobien.

    -Final boss battle has been completely rebuilt. Players must now kill final boss.
    -Warfare sounds in Sector A now play in random areas at greater interva...